Getting My Shit Together


This post is the birthday card I forgot to mail and held onto. This post is doing the dishes — the easiest chore on my list that I decide to do first so I have something to check off right away. This is the text message I’m afraid to send to a friend that I keep blowing off seeing – not because I don’t want to see them, but because I feel like a bad friend for waiting so long. This is my overdue speeding ticket that’s going to cost me twice as much, and even though it’ll cost me even more if I wait, I still don’t want to face the music. This is complacency and anxiety and fear of coming back to something I started, even though it’s been awhile.

14303681_10154068240314601_1719514814_o.jpgAnd a good ol’ blurry day to you

That’s simply what this post is – the first steps to continuing.

See you next week kids. I’ve missed you.


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