Vampire Cat

My cat got all her teeth removed except for her canines because of gum disease. She is now a vampire cat.


In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of names I have called my security blanket, one true love cat at least once:

Cookie, Fluff Face, Boo Boo, MeMe, Stupid, Butterbutt, Weirdo, Strudel, Kitty, Catnip, Ding Dong, Poof, Baby, Babe, Beep Boop, Grump, Pussycat, Stinky, Dumb Dumb, Watermelon, Softy, Burger, Sweety Pie, Shy Guy, Scaredy, Anna Kendrick, Pook, Pretty Eyes, Glob, Squinty, Pretty Girl, Muffin, Sleepy Head, Booger, Squeaky, Best Friend, Shloopy, Puppy, Woofer, Princess, My Kitteh, Milkshake, Doo Dop, Perfect, Schlub, Mini Me, Bunny, Bun, Schmoopy, Moo Moo, Kit Kat, Turd, Pookie, Scooby, Pyshco, Dogge, Flip Flop, Blee Bloop, Butterscotch, Angel, Spooky, Derp, Derpy, Fussy, Sassy Face, Lil Dumb, Kitty Pie, Snookie, Lovely, Kit Kat, Pushpop, Baby Girl, Floppy, Spaz, Lil Bub, Precious, Button, Vampire, Toothless.

I promise I’m not a crazy cat lady. I’m just crazy.

Now go kiss someone you love. Happy Valentine’s Day party people ❤





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