Filthy Stinkin’ Rich

This post is going to be a little expository (aka annoying). Bear with me.


I want to be disgustingly wealthy. I want to be rollin’ in it. I want the world to be like, “Dang, who’s that woman saturated in prosperity. She MUST have her shit together.” No, silly peasant, I don’t want that wealth in money. I want it in other stuff, non-tangible stuff. A piece of advice my parents gave me when I was a wee lassie is to pay attention to four essential areas of life:

1. Emotional
giphy (8).gifgiphy (10).gif

2. Spiritual
jesus .gifgiphy-downsized (2).gif

3. Physical
giphy (9).gif

4. Intellectual
giphy-downsized (6).gif

Now, technically there’s more to this. There are 7 areas studied that you should pay attention to, but I’m not technical and those weren’t part of the equation my Mom and Dad gave to me in my crib. This is my version, so we’re all just gonna deal with it.

(You shouldn’t ask me anyways because if I were to add three more areas of wealth to my life they would be: trendy home goods, quantity of pets, and chocolate chip cookies consumed – areas that are important, yes, but not vital. Areas which I am happy to say I think I have my shit together.)

The thought of self-improvement at its base level is enticing. Choosing where to start with that self improvement all of a sudden turns that enticement into a Mt. Everest sized pile of options (Mt. Everest sized pile of options = anxiety). That’s where I stop and think, hell no dog, I can’t lift that – and then I get all itchy and start picking at my nails furiously.

So I’m not going to choose where to start. I’m going to do something else cause I walk to the beat of my own guitar strum, ya dig?

You can join me with this mission too, or you can watch it happen, or you can ignore it. Whatever floats your wealthy boat.

I’m going to focus on general mindfulness and gratitude and be open to what that presents. Now, what does that look like as an action goal? ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN….

I’m going to take a picture of something everyday that makes me feel grateful, happy, important, or understood. I believe in details. I believe the devil is in them, but more importantly I believe there’s a hell of a lot of love in those details too. These pictures will be moments, moments that I look out for during my day – moments to be truly present.

I’ll be posting on Instagram using #LookIFoundIt when I discover these moments each day. Then, through some brief intrinsic reflection I’ll use one of the following hashtags: #Emotional #Physical #Spiritual #Intellectual to try to categorize it. I’ll also keep track of the days with the good ol’ #day1 #day2 #day3 tags.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 2.28.40 PM.png

I recognize this isn’t a unique idea. I’ve done this before, and maybe you have to. Heck, here’s a link to the 100 Happy Days Challenge, a challenge I previously tried and failed (even though you can’t really fail at this). Maybe you want to give 100 Happy Days Challenge a go! Maybe you want to join me with #LookIFoundIt.

Perchance you’re of the mindset that it’s bragging, too public, annoying, or more trouble than it’s worth. Maybe social media gives you the hebegeebees. Perhaps you think I’m, dare I say it, basic?

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 2.32.08 PM.png

I really don’t care. I just don’t. It took me a long time to get the boat out to sea, but that ship has sailed. I’m done invalidating my problems and feelings. I’m done putting pressure on myself because my negative emotions are “first world problems.” Yes, I am privileged, but I’m not doing the world any favors by being poor – I want to be hella wealthy (and spread it around).

Ohp! Catholicism for Atheists Tangent…

Actually I take that back – I do want to be poor in one area. I want to be super duper poor in spirit. Let me break this down Catholicism-for-Atheists style.

What I mean by having an impoverished spirit is simply to be humble. This means I aspire to have high levels of humility and low levels of arrogant dickishness. Perspective and mindfulness are all about knowing love is bigger than you. Love being bigger than you means you respect the things and people you’re grateful for…. and even those people and things that you’re not grateful for.


Regardless of who you are and the things you’ve done. I love you. Tough shit.

It is my promise to you to keep this hashtag business as real as can be – which is the same promise I give to readers of Anna’s Alibi. Some days you’ll see flowers and pancakes other days you’ll see prescription bottles and sunburns. Both are important. Both are a part of the journey.

Hopefully by the end of this I’ll have a better idea of what areas of my life (Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual) need nourishment. Then I’ll feed those area as many fat stacks of self-improvement as I can.

Follow my #LookIFoundIt journey: @annabellabaum






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