Hi there, my name is Anna. I was born and raised in Michigan where I grew up lakeside with my sisters and brother. Now I’m a real, live adult living in the City of Angels where I’ve become a freelance writer, independent producer, and professional stage actor. I’m also a daughter, sister, friend, feminist, ENFP (holla at my Myers Briggs bros), a progressive Catholic, and a nonsense-loving person.

I’ve found that my best personal weapons against most things in life are honesty, writing, and comedy. I’m combining those vital traits into this blog: a personal public diary of my shenanigans and how I approach life. I want to make you laugh, chuckle, or giggle (if you’re into that). I know it’s a grand statement, but I hope to make you feel less lonely too. I struggle with anxiety, and have only really admitted/started tackling this needy goblin of a mental illness in the past year. Brain chemicals are fucking frustrating, but regardless of whether you struggle with your mental health or not, we’re all people… and being a people is HARD. It can suck. It can super suck, but it can also be beautiful and wacky and wonderful (I promise). We all deserve some understanding, a little humanity, and a bit of a laugh, ya dig? (And honestly, I just think I’m great and everyone should know everything about me).

So here it goes.

Expect little anecdotes, rants, how to’s, silliness, article reviews, and some o dat sweet, sweet deep introspection. I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing back from you and sucking you into my brain world of indecision, post card collections, songwriting, animals (of the large pet variety), and a universe where passion, creativity, and nonsense rule the kingdom.

Follow my other shenANNAgans here:
Instagram & Twitter: @annabellabaum



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